[Alabama Voter’s Coalition], is a non-profit political organization that is organized with the interest of unifying, engaging and educating the Democratic minority and voters across the State of Alabama.]

Be it Resolved, that Alabama Voter’s Coalition submit a “Letter of Request” to Mr. Mark Kennedy, the Chairman of Alabama Democratic Majority, Mr. Joe Reed, the Chairman of Alabama Democratic Party to meet, discuss and settle any differences between each of the the active organizations for the good of the State Democratic Party immediately.

Be It Resolved, that Alabama Voter’s Coalition seeks to initiate a special meeting with all listed parties above and any other that are deemed necessary to ratify the differences and issues that caused a separation of a once unified body of Democrats in Alabama. After having reviewed all proposals submitted by Executive Committee Member Marcus Echols, and understood all terms and conditions applicable to Alabama Voter’s Coalition made available through the Chairman, Executive Director and Executive Body UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVE AS FOLLOWS:

(a)  to enter into an “Organization Request for a Special Meeting” with Mr. Mark Kennedy, Mr. Joe Reed, Ms. Nancy Worley and whomever is deemed necessary to discuss, settle and ratify any differences between each party, so that the State Democratic Party and all organizations, groups and individuals can be united for the good of the Democratic Party in the State of Alabama so we can keep moving forward in a united purpose.

(b)  to authorize and appoint [Marcus J. Echols as the Alabama Voter’s Coalition Representative executing the Organization’s Request for a Special Meeting] having authority to represent and negotiate on behalf of the organization in regards to the stated matters.

Signed this [13th] day of [February] [2014]