I accepted the challenge and completed it today. First thing I got to say is that I didn’t really think that I could do it but I did it! Secondly, I want to say that Day 1 was easy. On day two I was hit with a craving for meat but I endured sustained by the modest garden I had cultivated. I had 10 rows that were about 30 feet long of purple hull peas (2 rows), squash (4 rows), green beans (1 row), butter peas (2 rows), cucumbers (1 row), 5 pepper plants (mild banana), 5 tomato plants, okra (1 row)  and that would be 95% of my diet for the remaining days. I also ate plenty of almonds and salads. I finished up the last day on boiled okra and green tomatoes.


I experienced some measured results such as a drop in weight of course (204.8 to 201.4), pulse stabilized after having low blood pulse, blood pressure finally got to the range the Dr wanted and the last day I recorded 120 over 78 with a pulse rate of 79. I also experienced a sense of mental clarity during the the challenge that started on day 3 and lasted throughout.


 Although I could see some measured benefits of a vegan diet I couldn’t see myself going full vegan. This 7 Day Vegan Challenge has inspired me to to get my human body back to a more plant based diet. It was a good feeling to get all that mess out of my system and this challenge is one that has convinced me to take the challenge at least once a month and who knows maybe it will become permanent. I give the 7 Day Vegan Challenge a thumbs up and will take it again in the future.