“Revelations Of Those On The Outside Looking In”


windowThe eyes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are upon church leaders. What we know is that these holy grounds are treated like personal prizes; a “fiefdom” and not God’s House. Those on the outside looking in has a revelation that God wouldn’t close HIS HOUSE when people are homeless! The church as sanctuary seems to be just rhetoric from man and not what God intended.

During these revelations they could clearly see these “men of the cloth” using community problems for pulpit subject matter. What they should be doing is getting in the hyways and byways like Jesus when he walked among the poor, afflicted and sinner spreading the good news. Nowadays these church leaders blame the poor for being poor (surprisingly using a Republican tactic) and look down through their noses at the poor, afflicted and sinner as if these church leaders were sitting up on high.

I’ve seen people get verbally torn to shreds for even daring to question these high nose church leaders. All of them aren’t like this but you know the ones who are and “all” will get upset at the very boldness of talking about this issue. There’s a whole fraternity of these self-aggrandizing individuals standing up there preaching one thing and doing the exact opposite! They actually are raping the church when they do this therefore baptizing in dirty water. The rape of the African-American Church is occurring because when it comes to materialism, one can be poor and still be guilty (thou hath not yet paid for what thou hast).

What happened to the idea that the most important thing is filling the pews with pastoral and musical emotionalism. Anyone who’s been in enough of these churches has seen at least two or three different styles of playing on guilt and emotion. Praising God is secondary to everything in the church, even hours, why can’t churches be refuges for those who are looking, whether or not they have money for the church cupThe rape of Martin’s dream is dying because of the fragmented thinking of a population that refuses to vote two-legged beasts out of office.

The community is dying. If the community dies then Martin’s dream dies along with it. When the community is dying then church membership dwindles and the church pulpit subject is those on the outside looking in. One may say that their pews are filled every Sunday. African-Americans don’t even speak one another not knowing that they could actually like one another regardless of financial status or petty differences that are rooted in personal judgments.

What should be done is to go out there in the highways and byways and minister to them about using God’s House as a spiritual and physical sanctuary. The homeless and others should be sheltered as if under God’s Protective Wings. The African-American church pulpit should get rid of these egos and get back to sermons that bring comfort, condolence, encouragement and sympathy. God and the community need to see the African-American Church Pulpit humans as “wounded healers,”  ones who heal in spite of his or her infirmities as they have them as well.

They need to stop hustling Jesus and get out in the highways and byways. When’s the last time you seen a preacher, pastor, minister or what ever title they get drunk with walk into the community ministering? They know that the sinners, lost sheep of Christ, sick are there. The one thing that’s missing for them is the church cup, so you will not see them. They’re only interested in congregating you on a specific day at a specific location and then pass around the cup. Church leaders need to get into the highways and byways next to their Sunday subject matter instead of standing up there pointing out the specks in poor people eyes, sinners and the infirmed.

They should create an atmosphere of consolation and encouragement that would echo the words of the prophet Ezekiel, who went to the exiles by the Chebar and exclaimed, “I sat among them” (Ezek.3:15). When was the last time these African-American church leaders stood for something or someone other than themselves or some corrupt politician? What you can see though is them hanging around the white power structure downtown and rubbing elbows on behalf of some “two legged beast” who lied his/her way into winning an election.

I know this message will not be verified but attacked for being the messenger. Just watch someone standing in an African-American Church Pulpit go on the offensive not knowing the follow-up (Uncle Toms in the Pulpit) is already written. As believers in Christ  we must ALL get back to the most needy parts of our communities supporting African-American Church Pulpits in their efforts.