12980776_1784373988448868_927670026_oBlack Legacy is here to keep the spirit of black heroes alive, the idea is to pay homage to the greatest black and African heroes who has contributed to equality and freedom whose black people are enjoying this era. Our goal is also to inspire black people with the stories of the great black leaders and heroes, that’s why we are representing them in our items (T-shirt, etc), we want to show black people that there’s a reason why these legends have fought for them in order that black people can today take this heritage even further in a good way. And one way to do that is to wear proudly the many representations of black history, we (Black Legacy), have put out here. We want black people to be proud, to know where they come from, to know themselves and finally know their worth.

Black Legacy represents a spirit, it is the idea to pay homage to the great black and African heroes and take the relay ourselves in the quest of equality.

Also, to finish 10% of the sales profits raised by Black Legacy will go to “SOS Africa”