O’Great Birther & King of every universe, both known and unknown hear the son of your maidservant and grant open ears to my prayers: You are Sovereign over corruption, judicial arrogance, systems of evil intent of the hearts of men. You who Presides over the known and unknown as the Supreme Priest of all that was, that is and what’s to come. Grant the son of your maidservant your Holy & Divine Intervention. While men exalt themselves in all forms of evil judgment and arrogance your Righteousness remains Holy & Just as a Testament to the wickedness of corruption of arrogant men. So I will not let my spirit be troubled because I believe in the Father who also believes in me the son of His maidservant. Cursed be to those who persecute you for financial gain the root of all that is evil for the the Lord Almighty has their reward. All who do evil are shameless, but the Lord does Right and is always Fair. I rest assured that in my Father’s House they’re many mansions and no prisoner’s celln_jerusalem. In the name of the Father of Holiness & Righteousness forever let us say Amen.