Steve Turner was born as Steven Dion Turner. His is an actor and writer, known for My Crackhead Uncle (2011) and Republicrats (2008). Steve is a professional comedian from Cleveland, Ohio. He landed his own television show pilot by playing a practical joke on a few producers/directors on the set of a TV project in the early 2005. Steve speaks Chinesemaxresdefault, Japanese, Spanish & English. He also speaks conversational Tagalog, Swahili, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Italian to name a few. Steve Turner is the Godson of Actor Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump, CON-AIR, ATL) Steve has 34 credits including the recent 2015 Straight Outta Compton where he played Keith Shocklee (un-credited)

Plot Summaries:

My Crackhead Uncle: Unable to make ends meet and find a job has Deon and his uncle Durl Jenkins leaving Cleveland for a move to Miami. Good time await the duo, however unknown to Deon his ‘uncle’ Durl is a reputed drug abuser, ready to rumble with a good time and naive nephew. Take a ride with the 2 Cleveland natives as they try to avoid Li’Tone, his menacing crew, and the Miami mishaps.

Republicrats: A TV Weatherman from Fresno California decides to run for President of the United States. In trying to be everything to everyone he establishes the “Republicrat” party.