Diana Lenska Publicist for “BIG SKY” television series.


I had a great talk on “Bringing Voices To Power” with Publicist Diana  Lenska, cast members and producer of the television series BIG SKY. BIG SKY is an exciting new television series that addresses the American frontier from a brand new perspective. BIG SKY will show the realities of slavery, bigotry, and greed, and the overcoming qualities of forgiveness, hope restoration and the pursuit of dreams. With a classic Bonanza-Era feel, plentiful action, cliffhanger endings, and some comic relief. BIG S10393989_482671285208578_1026554262549833193_nKY’s varied cast of characters and families, including our strong Native Americans, courageous African Americans, enduring Asian Americans, and brave European Americans. All experience joy and heartache, Life and Death, failure and victory, tolerance and survival all while exhibiting an indomitable will to persevere in this unique and wonderful town of BIG SKY. They will be shooting from very interesting places such as the Big Sky Ranch which is where Bonanza and other famous series like Little House on the Prairie. Almost all of the cast and crew called or were called into the show. They are on a national and international tour/ meet and greet.

I met them at the 28th Annual Indian Festival meet and greet along with other Native American representatives. I also had the pleasure of talking with Kenny “Lone Eagle” of the Department of the Interior of Indian Affairs who is also one of the major forces behind the film. To hear the full episode with the cast and crew just go to http://tobtr.com/7629429