A healthy eating pattern is just the first step on the path to health & wellness. Physical activity is just as important. But staying physically fit is yet another demand on your time, making it hard for many people to stay active. When you’re young, the focus is on forging a career, starting a family, being involved in your community, and spending time with friends Plus, you’re young-you feel great!

Getting in the habit of being physically active should start in childhood and continue throughout your life. Regular physical activity can not only help you maintain a healthy body weight, it can also promote health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

So, how much physical activity is enough?

  • Any is better than none. Avoid inactivity. Adults who participate in any amount of physical activity gain some health benefits.
  • Aim for 2.5 hours a week. For substantial health benefits, adults should do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity physical activity, or a combination of the two. Be active for at least 10 minutes at a time and spread it throughout the week.
  • Work your muscles too. Adults should also do muscle-strengthening activities with resistance bands or weights that rae moderate or high intensity and involve all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week, as these activities provide additional health benefits.

Hungry for Data?

Need some motivation to meet your physical activity goals? Or maybe you want more information to help shape the optimal program for you? Fitness trackers can be a great way to support your health & wellness goals.

Even the most basic fitness tracker will help you track your steps and workouts. More advanced models can help you track your sleep or even your heart rate.

And they all come with smartphone or tablet apps, which can help you measure your performance, see trends and progress, and even log your food.

Not only that, many fitness tracker apps allow you to connect with friends so you can keep each other motivated-even engage in a bit of healthy competition!