Let’s start by going back in history for all the self-righteous religious people. In the book of Numbers, God directs Moses to divide land among the Israelites by drawing lots. Ok now I got to watch out for these modern Christians to explain away God’s direction and I’m sure they got scripture they can muster up from some verse. Even when the Romans came in they got in on the action. Roman emperors gave away land and slaves via lotteries during their feast which probably included lots of debauchery! There’s great history at the Keno table thanks to the Chinese who created it to finance the construction of the Great Wall. Today it’s still making a profit with the people coming from all over the world to tour it. We must look at our history in America and how it could help us here in Alabama when it comes to education. All one needs to do is look at a paper or turn on your TV’s and you’ll see money being cut left to right when it comes to our state education. It was small public lotteries that helped build Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and some others.

Former Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman campaigned for voter approval of

a state education lottery. The proceeds were to be earmarked to fund free tuition at state universities for most high school graduates. Siegelman supported a bill that placed the lottery on a free-standing referendum ballot in 1999. Siegelman has always been a big supporter of education and he launched the “Alabama Reading Initiative”, an early education literacy program that was praised by both Democratic and Republican officials. It has been emulated by several states.

The first evidence of a recurring government lottery can be identified as starting in Italy. Just as now these lotteries were linked to the election of politicians. Whoever successfully predicted all six candidates elected to the Senate won money. This tied the winner’s fate to that of the politicians; perhaps explaining the word lotto, Italian for fate. It’s undeniable that Education, History, Elections and Lotteries go hand in hand. In, 1964 New Hampshire became the first state to approve a lottery.