I am the Eternal Soul

Don’t confine your mind but stay on the grind

Each morning after giving thanks I connect with my intellect

Knowing all the bad choices I will by all means reject

Never with my goals will I gamble or bet

cause the rules have been set and an education I will get

So put this in consideration while I’m in comtemplation

about the violence on campus that the guilty ones are “perpetratin”

This is an historically black school so why are brothers and sisters acting like fools?

Let’s not hate, let’s consolidate as we contemplate our behavioral state

and  learn to cooperate and not contaminate our historic state and leave future

generations something to commemorate.

Let me convey, better yet let me sway you the right way.

Listen and these words will glisten in your mind through all time while some

say don’t eat the swine not knowing the choice is thine, water or wine.

I choose the wine see ya on Mt. Zion. Who’s the King? Not the lion.

As we “sag” we drag and lag behind and confine our minds to a previous time while our

forefathers are cryin.

The campus violence is not a game it’s a shame, whose the blame?

Our behavioral state is insane so I complain because you’re helping A&M’s enemies

in their campaign.

First contemplate, secondly incarcerate a violent mental state causing us and the

mainstream to separate.

You think the violence is cool, you’re the fool, we’re in school so be cool.

As some some faculty act devious I get grievous knowing the emptiness of our pantry

is due to their deviltry.

Seek and remove the evil cause after this historic college is gone there will be no equal

and A&M’s enemies will assure there will be no sequel!

All poets should unite, excite, ignite and write to keep up the fight to make school

unity tight so everyone will do what’s right.

The pen is mightier than the sword so let’s get every pen in the same stroke and

write as one accord.

By the way I’m brother Marcus J, can’t stay but whose to say maybe I’ll be back

again someday. Getting back on the grind expanding my mind through time while my pen

is steadily on the grind.

Can’t you see how it rhymes and whines twisting the mind like a pretzel; nothing like

Hansel and Gretel.

I want to preach and teach but get treated like Screech!

So as writers and poets get loose on loose leaf I will tie up all their loose ends as we

make amends of our violent sins and restore glory to this story because a break in

concentration will cause an unwelcome transfiguration of the situation at hand my man!