The Sestina (or commonly Sextain) is a wondrous strange beast, the brainchild of a twelfth-century Provencal troubadour. It doesn’t use rhyme; instead, it has six keywords essential to the poems structure. The poem’s 39 lines-six 6 line stanzas followed by a 3-line envoi or tornada-all end with one of the keywords. In the tornada, there are two keywords in each line, one of them at the end and the other somewhere in the middle. It is formed by the repetition of certain lines and the rhyming of certain lines. It also features a set of six words (I used: excitement, climax, desire, passion, smile and love) that end lines (end-words), repeated in a dizzyingly complex pattern:

Forbidden Passions

It was her who delved in excitement

but it was  I who sought a climax

In no time she became the forbidden apple of my sinful desire.

So I opened the window to my passion

inside the realm of pleasure I smile

No other torment is as pleasing as forbidden love.


Crying nights and sad days are spent; a broken love.

Talking tings out, hoping to reunite rekindles excitement.

This time our actions must be innocent like a baby’s smile.

Our constant jealously and suspicion has reached a climax.

Joy, anger, loneliness and utopia all vie for control of my passion.

So unpredictable and unstable my desire.


I don’t know when or where I should trust my desire.

Many have yielded to the attractions of a forbidden love.

Like a lightening bolt she struck deep into my hearts passion.

Now I await her calling with a joyous excitement.

The knock on the door ignites this joyous climax.

A sight for sore eyes, I gaze upon her and smile.


A fleeting thought of her has the power to give me that elusive smile.

So beautiful at all times I admire my desire.

Years of wanting, months of hoping has reached full climax.

Nothing is as powerful as the explosion of a forbidden love.

Unable to touch, talk and kiss until we meet creates pure excitement.

Could blessed love spring from adulterers passion?


Some fruit will be born of this uncontrollable passion.

Any sad faces is happily turned around by her smile.

Just the blink of her eye causes pure excitement.

My most focused mindset can’t block out this burning desire.

My only happiness is to be hers and have her to love.

Dripping wet with the thoughts of a shared forbidden climax.


Our relationship has our relationship its growth climax

Her every touch tempts my burning passion.

Loud, demanding, controlling call from love.

Physical lust, mans downfall represented in my devilish smile.

Trapped, condemned, somewhat repentant stuck in my desire.

However forbidden the dangers remain high with excitement.


Envoi (Tornada):

Intertwining the excitement of my vessels are erected to the point of a forbidden climax.

The intertwining desire between us releases forbidden passion.

I will be unable to smile not knowing if my sins will be forgiven by His everlasting love.