futurefamilyFor the first time ever, Future Family Finance brought all four of its services together in a powerful Family Finance Bootcamp Weekend!

On February 6-7, 2016, Jason Thomas, Financial Coach and Author led a ‪#‎DreamTeam‬ of Financial Wizards in an unprecedented weekend of information that would have cost thousands to witness for anyone interest.

Maurice Scott, President of Credit 1 USA “America’s Credit Repair Solution” and a Principle Partner of Future Family Finance started off the weekend with powerful hour-long session entitled “Credit – Can I get Some?” Attendees were enlightened with information about how ‪#‎credit‬ scores are even calculated and how to affectively raise your credit score on your own.

Jason Thomas followed up with the seminar, “Truth and Transparency – Understanding How ‪#‎Money‬ Works”. All who listened, did so from the edge of their seats as Jason Thomas explained how banks make money on consumers and really how ‪#‎mortgage‬ loans can be paid off in 8-12 years without ‪#‎refinancing‬ and payments remaining the same.

Next, the Wiz Kid of Wall Street himself, Chima Burey of ChimaBurey.com – a Principle Partner of Future Family Finance gave the non-investors in the room hope! “‪#‎Investing‬ for the Novice” gave the attendees practical counsel for anyone trying to start a portfolio of their own. As a Wall Street insider, many attendees were impressed with Chima’s offerings during the event and expressed an interest for him to return.

Closing out the Sunday session was Denton Douglas of Capitol Advisors. As a RVP of a ‪#‎Florida‬ Bank, Mr. Douglas helped to culminate the event by giving practical information for those who haven’t planned their estate. His no-nonsense approach and amazing knowledge of ‪#‎financial‬ things helped to close the weekend on a high note as he answered question after question from the attendees.

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