Step 1- Empty Your Mind

Perform a meditation routine to relax and clear your mind of incessant thoughts and images. Spend at least 10-15 minutes on this. Gaze into the blackness of your closed eyelids and when an image pops up, gently push it out of the way. You want to create a blank movie screen on which RV images will be projected.

Step 2- Choose a Target

A target can be a set of coordinates, a place name, a photograph, an object, or a stock ticker-anything that you can focus on specifically. Here is a selection of random remote viewing targets precisely for this purpose.

Step 3- Focus

Once you have accessed more relaxed altered states, you are ready to begin. Repeat your target over and over in your mind. Note down any colors, shapes or movement that come to mind. The first few images are likely to come from your imagination, so ignore them. Pay attention to the ones that persist. If you can identify the object, then it’s your imagination and not the RV target, so ignore it and look for something else. Sketch any shapes, patterns, etc.

Step 4- Reveal The Target

If your target was a price chart for the NASDAQ Index for 2016, you can see how you did when 2016 is over…If you chose a photograph (as per the link) you can reveal your target instantly. How did you do? Score yourself on how much the two images have in common, based on a percentage scale (100%=perfect match). An image can be composed of colors, textures and movements so don’t only judge the shapes. Note that you may also pick up on unknown elements outside the photo.