Councilman Keith says his nomination for Judge Lonzo Robinson for Presiding Judge came on the heels of months of court research. Evidently Keith didn’t research The Huntsville Times Wednesday February 15, 2017 or the court ordered records because if he had he would’ve read that Robinson now Presiding Judge Robinson who will oversee the “Clerk of the Court Fund” was under “Notice of Sale Under Power Foreclosure Notice Default”. Councilman Devyn Keith nominated Lonzo Robinson for Presiding Judge of the city of Huntsville, Alabama also knowing about other issues of his fitness for the job. He’s talking out the side of his neck and saying that the decision was so that opportunity of quality and experience were met as if Judge Cleveland did not meet that. If you already had an 18 year veteran of experience and high quality then what are you searching for? I didn’t even mention this judge has served as President of the Alabama State Judges Association. Keith’s nomination of Robinson to an “administrative” position knowing he had some serious ethical problems looming that I will discuss in an upcoming post is a telling sign of the “fix” being in on D1 citizens. Its pure propaganda to say this guy would be a good administrator of something like the “Clerk of the Court Fund” that’s collected from everyday Huntsville citizens like the ones in D1 who pay for traffic tickets and other imposed penalties. Why would Devyn nominate someone he knew had BIG PROBLEMS to oversee a fund collected from D1 voters? This is a valid question and he needs to answer it. Now is not the time to let him dance around the issue with some memorized excerpt of some speech. Councilman Keith needs to come clean with D1 voters about his motivations and the impact of side stepping Judge Cleveland. If he is unwilling to discuss this then that to will be telling in itself.

This seems like a clear sell out of the voters and the local African American leadership. Keith’s choice couldn’t hold a candle to Judge Cleveland and he knows it so what did Councilman Keith know and when did he know it? Almost in any job when you’re handling lots of money they do a credit check because now someone like Devyn’s judge is susceptible to blackmail, embezzlement, case fixing, etc. It would be a shame if that was his real motive. I look at Robinson and see a potential future “fall guy” for something way over his head. The councilman could very well be the current mayor’s “go to boy” when he needs to step on African American leadership. Huntsville’s leaders need to look very closely at this as not some passing event but a sign of betrayal to what we have accomplished. All in one breath the councilman heaped praise on Cleveland but gave a back handed slap saying how much they need someone as an administrator. is going to dig into whether 18 year veteran the Honorable Judge Cleveland has ever done any administrating of anything. It’s clear from the Huntsville Times that Lonzo Robinson’s behind is not a good administrator of anything but seems like the perfect “fall guy” for the Clerk of the Court Fund rabbit hole that’s about to be dug. Will we find out later that the Clerk of the Court Fund is actually the mayor’s slush fund? No one knows what will be exposed but right now its Councilman Devyn Keith who is exposed and naked for such a horrible, bold face, back stabbing nomination and the bypassing of someone who has given so much to this community.

Councilman Keith has helped the agenda to weaken African American leadership in Huntsville. It was a sellout, a take over and a power grab and the people were betrayed and time will prove to be the best judge so stay awake

people. The councilman was very aware of all the flaws and warning signs of Robinson but ignored them to carry out the mayor’s agenda. He can’t feel good about this treachery of setting the community back. So let us all be clear about the fact that for some reason Councilman Keith bypassed an 18 year old minority female veteran judge to nominate someone as flawed as Robinson. Councilman Devyn Keith has set back African American leadership and power in Huntsville, Alabama almost 20 years. The actions of Keith and his benefactor mayor Battle created Judge Cleveland as a hidden figure especially when after passing her up he now looks forward to her helping this unqualified person to do the job that righteously should’ve been hers. Who does that? I’ll tell you its someone use to going along to get along. The new Presiding Judge should get the same amount of help former Councilman Richard Showers, Sr gave to Councilman Keith when you sense something very wrong.

What exactly makes Keith think this guy is a good choice as an administrator of Huntsville’s courts? The councilman’s excuses and fluff are pure nonsense and his months of research missed Robinson’s financial problems among other things. This nomination says all we need to know about Keith’s leadership performance. The councilman must know that Robinson is unfit for the job. Councilman Keith sounds ridiculous suggested someone who was passed up help the unqualified person. This is how he’s suggesting a “hidden figure status” for The Honorable Judge Cleveland. If this guy was a better choice than Judge Cleveland then why would he need her help? Councilman Keith shouldn’t celebrated for the appointment of Robinson but condemned for this shameful act. This is not like college when you only read the cliff notes but must know the full story. This is the beginning of Truth vs Propaganda.