One the first episodes I did was with long time friend/homie Sham Sterling a.k.a Weight. Sham is a Huntsville native who talk with me on “Bringing Voices To Power”which is now an extension of He’s a Tattoo Artist and C.E.O. at Armani Records based in Huntsville. We had a conversation about his music and about 11695887_1024225130934853_2309771660241810734_nwhat local artists could do to take it to the next level. With late night sessions with artists like 2 Chains, his steps show he’s on the right track. To hear my full episode with Weight simply click on the shortlink: You can also find Sham Sterling on Facebook and his music at: Sterling.

I really like his work ethic of staying in the studio and improving on every song. This is a home team (Huntsville and surrounding areas) artist has been pushing out there for a long time and his music is something that speaks on all the social ills, artistry and determination that we all find in our lives.  Make sure you stay tuned for his upcoming album and check him out on instagram