Joe Reed’s leadership style is in total contradiction to grassroots needs. The grassroots need supportive behavior in leadership something which Joe Reed doesn’t know anything about. Reed and his clueless cohort Nancy Worley only know one type of leadership behavior and that’s directive behavior which has thrown cold water and dampened grassroots enthusiasm. Joe’s leadership involves telling people what to do & what not to do in their own communities, how to do it, when to do it and then having is pathetic inner circle monitor what’s done. If something isn’t done the way he wants it then he unleashes his anger and is a very thinned skinned person to be a leader.

The Grassroots is in critical need of a supportive type of leadership from the top something the washed up leadership of Reed n Worley are totally incapable of now and in the future. Joe Reed and Nancy Worley must be unseated because they lack supportive behavior towards their members. Supportive behavior involves things that Reed & Worley has consistently shown that they don’t want to do especially at the grassroots level. The Alabama Democratic Party is a mess because it’s lead by Joe Reed and Nancy Worley. The lack of supportive behavior by Reed & cohort Worley kills out grassroots excitement/enthusiasm. Supportive behavior involves:

  1. Listening to people.
  2. Providing support to members and encouragement for their efforts.
  3. Facilitating their involvement in problem-solving issues in the party.
  4.  Involvement in decision-making.
  5. Delegating.

The Alabama Democratic Party is in SERIOUS TROUBLE because Joe Reed & Nancy Worley absolutely suck at the four basic leadership styles listed here so compare this to their leadership and be honest with ourselves:

  1. DIRECTING: The Leader provides specific direction and closely monitors task accomplishment.
  2. COACHING: The Leader continues to direct and closely moni
    tor task accomplishment, but also explains decisions, solicits suggestions, and supports progress.
  3. SUPPORTING: The leader facilitates and supports people’s efforts toward task accomplishment and shares responsibility for decision-making with them.
  4. DELEGATING: The Leader turns over responsibility for decision-making and problem-solving to people.

These two clowns are unfit to serve as Alabama Democratic leaders in
a party desperately seeking to rebuild itself. They both are unfit because they don’t understand leadership is not something you do to members but rather something you do with members.