Huntsville’s mayor is using the same tactics and covert moves that Republicans use when they want to privatize a program. The first step is to weaken the program financially in this case its the city of Huntsville’s Judiciary Courts that for some reason he feels compelled to control. We must examine if the retiring judge or any other judge has requested additional funds to improve the operation of the court and if the rogue mayor granted any such requests asked of him. If requests were made and he didn’t grant them then he is exposed for a plot to purposely weaken the courts of Huntsville, Alabama…but to what end we must ask.

Clerk of  Court Fund:

Clerk of the Court Fund is a state fund that authorizes the Presiding Judge (solely) to make improvements to the courts. It is funded by court costs collected on each case. The funds are earmarked by state law to be used by the presiding judge. The previous judge asked not once but twice for access to these funds and was denied by Finance Director Randy Taylor under the current mayor’s directive. Out going Judge Hon. Charles “Sonny” Rodenhauser made 2 requests for new personnel in 14′ & 15′ that was never responded to by mayor Battle so is this some type of perfect timing for Battle? If the courts are not functioning efficiently then there’s only one person to blame and that’s mayor Battle and the illegal city he has built. He now does this on his own for some reason after the mayor removed the leadership of the court. The council voted down a 15 year veteran judge known as fair and impartial only to hire Tommy Battle’s former staff attorney as judge and the chief prosecutor both from Battle’s staff. The council and the mayor colluded to pack the court with allies of not justice but of mayor Battle.

The second step after creating chaos is to place blame on the ineffective situation that he actually had a hand in creating. A rogue mayor who would build an illegal city would have no shame in denying funds for improvements and then blaming the courts for not running effectively. It’s the same ole strategy that’s used by republicans when they are making the moves to privatize a program or as in this case a judiciary.

Councilwoman Robinson led the ethics complaint against Culver and is aggressively pushing the mayor’s tactics to take down some people in African American leadership roles. The African American community should be watching how all this is playing out. Councilwoman Robinson attacked Will Culver on Recovery Services with a complaint filed by some “phantom” concerned citizen. The delay/stall tactics led by Councilwoman Robinson to install the perfect judge for mayor Battle after certain people were defeated…but to what end? Is Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle trying to control the “Clerk of Court Fund” for some nefarious purposes unknown to the citizens of Huntsville and the state of Alabama.

Councilman Keith may have very well failed his first major test of leadership by his silence, fear or complicity with the rogue mayor of Huntsville, Alabama. His biggest mistake could be that of not doing his political homework. Did councilman Keith do his due diligence or did he just go along to get along. Does councilman Keith know that judge Lonzo Robinson can’t become presiding judge after being chief prosecutor because he’s prosecuted the very same people he will now sit as judge having seen evidence, interviewed witnesses, etc. If councilman Devyn Keith knew this then we all know that the fix is in and if not he needs to do his damn homework. Judge Robinson will face some ethical problems so stay tuned for that. Well whether he went along for the ride or was asleep at the wheel is a question the community must ask and hold councilman Keith politically accountable for it.