Where was former judge Sue Bell Cobb (D) the day supporters gathered at that Birmingham, Alabama corner awaiting and cheering at the long awaited freedom of former Governor Siegelman? Retired Jefferson County District Judge O.L. Pete Johnson was there and said Siegelman should continue to fight to clear his name. She was probably doing what she’s always have been doing which is “politically lurking” around elite democratic circles until there’s an election. It seems to take an election to draw her out of the shadows especially in a year cheering for women to run for office but she’s a disastrous notion and a terrible pick. If a black person votes for her they might as well vote straight republican ticket. The 2018 elections are looming so now we see her out there on the stomp yet again running for democratic office. There are democratic members in Alabama who are flirting with disaster at the poles if Cobb is the nominee. I really hope and others ask themselves why would a black person vote for her? It is preposterous to think we will enthusiastically want to send someone to the highest office in the state of Alabama who endorses Sessions. African-Americans in Alabama should boycott her events and don’t invite supporters of Sessions to come speak to your group. Why invite that into your sphere to continue to pull the wool over on your own people’s eyes? Her campaign is a waste of grassroots effort when it comes to the issues of civil rights, voting rights and yes prison reform. Never forget!

Cobb loyalist within the Alabama democratic party are out here among us trying to defend the indefensible. A Sue Bell Cobb (D) nomination for Governor of Alabama would be a slap in the face of blacks in Alabama and shame on Cobb’s supporters for trying to pull it off after she endorsed someone like Jeff Sessions. These people are so narrow minded that they want us to just let that slide, see it as minor and worst of all just “fall in line”…..hell no! The grassroots is planning for this looming disaster and there’s talk of if we can’t get her out of the way in the primary then abandoning the party in the general election. A Cobb nomination is very dangerous and a roadblock to moving forward. She endorses Sessions then she must think like him after all he supported her programs so what about Sessions programs like “mass incarceration” and does this former judge support his views on that? Former Judge Sue Bell Cobb (D) and democratic candidate for Alabama Governor nearly broke her neck to endorse Jeff Sessions (R). Cobb later gave a lame excuse in Madison County, Alabama that she endorsed him because he supported her programs. Support for her crony programs “Trumped” the destruction Sessions has wrought against minorities. Alabama blacks need to ask themselves and find out if Sue Bell Cobb (D) supports Sessions backward warped view of criminal justice and Sessions holdings/investments in the privatized prison system by her bench rulings. Sue Bell Cobb is unacceptable to the grassroots and the Alabama  Democratic Party is flirting with fire by even considering her expecting for blacks to just go along and show up to elect someone who supports Jeff Sessions (R)…….HELL NO!

Blacks in Alabama should think very carefully at this attempt to force feed us someone who supports Sessions. Sessions has holding investments in the privatized prison system and this former judge Sue Bell Cobb (D) should be scrutinized for her contribution to that system and its chief Alabama champion Jeff Sessions.  The relationship between Sessions and Cobb needs to have some serious light shed on their dark relationship that goes deeper than him supporting her programs which I will discuss in the future. Sue Bell Cobb’s (D) dog-whistling endorsement of Jeff Sessions reveals so much. What exactly would a former democratic Judge (sue bell cobb) be so enthusiastic about when endorsing Sessions (R)?

Excerpt from The Justice Integrity Project’s recent article by Justice Integrity Project Director Andrew Kreig about the FBI Director Comey firing and the scandalous DOJ Jeff Sessions:

“But relatively few people even in government or the media know the vast abuses that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has long enabled as a U.S. Senator in Alabama beginning in 1996 and previously as a U.S. Attorney and attorney general in that state since 1981. That’s because he’s a master of the dark arts of political intrigue, including dark money, political prosecution of enemies, blackmail and other repeated abuses of the justice system–each of them tactics that are most effective when obscured by rhetoric about conservative principles, national security, family values and “rule of law.”

The relationship between this democratic nominee Cobb must be revealed before it’s too late to turn back. She very well could be the Republican’s Trojan horse. Her arrogance and sense of entitlement by staying in this primary after slapping democratic values in the face is so obvious. Who does she think she is? Does she take Alabama blacks for granted and for fools? Time will tell.