Description-Studies how social structures are created in the course of human interaction.

Generates Questions About….-How people behave in a intimate groups, how symbols and communication shape perceptions; how social roles are learned and society “constructed” through interaction.

Applications-Educational practice, courtroom procedure, therapy.


Description-Asks how societies carry out the functions they must perform; views the structures of society as a system designed to carry out those functions.

Generates Questions About…-How society is structuredDR._E._FRANKLIN_FRAZIER_-_SOCIOLOGIST_-_NARA_-_535674

Applications-Study of formal organizations, development of social policies management science.

Conflict Theory:

Description-Holds that power is just as important as shared values in holding society together; conflict is also responsible for social change.

Generates Questions About…-How power affects the distribution of scarce resources and how conflict changes society.

Applications-Study of politics, social movements, corporate power structures.