Mama told me not to cry.

she said just be strong, and be a man.

She said life’s gonna be tough,

just live the best way you can.

She said life ain’t gone’ be no crystal stair,

just make sure you treat people fair.

She said walk tall and hold your head up high,

and dream so big your dreams touch the sky.

Laugh loud and don’t you hold it in,

there’s more room out there than within.

Mama said love hard until it hurts,

said nothing worthy comes without hard work.

You make a baby that choice is yours,

but don’t complain about your chores.

Your job won’t be easy you’ll be a man,

when you’ve done all you can, just stand.

Mama told me not to cry,

but mama never told me, she’d say good bye.

I never told mama how right she was,

I never got to show how much I love.

Mama told me not to cry, I was just a little boy.

I’ll always wonder if she meant, these tears of joy.

Completely Inappropriate, Dec 2016