The Alabama Democratic Party is suffering and will continue to suffer as long as it is lead by Joe Reed. Mr. Reed is the wrong leader for this time on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. The main problem he brings to the Alabama Democratic Party is his lack of “relationship management” with members. Reed tends to talk down to people and doesn’t take their needs and desires into consideration. He also doesn’t take criticism well, and can be very abrasive when presented with information or ideas he doesn’t agree with. Many Alabama Democratic members don’t know or ignore his past work (legacy) during the civil rights era and afterwards because they have been so badly burned by his unkind words. It should worry all of the Democratic Party especially his inner circle that people in the organization forget his past great contributions because of his current issues. Joe Reed’s inner circle has failed or refused to encourage him to manage the party’s frustration and his relationship with them effectively and maybe improve his very damaged reputation.

In Joe Reed’s Alabama Democratic Party there’s no “organizational justice” for the vast majority of the members. Decision Fairness is and will continue to be nonexistent as long as a tyrant is running the party. This tyrant mentality stops Joe Reed from seeing his actions set the tone for his members enthusiasm and is the root source of voter apathy among the grassroots populace. Alabama Democratic voter apathy at the grassroots level is a direct result of Joe Reed’s leadership. Mr. Reed is not good at communicating before, during, and after the decision-making process of the party. He (Joe Reed) has no idea or he severely underestimates how much Alabama Democratic members need to feel part of the decision, even if they’re not the ones to make the choice/decision. So many times members have been blindsided with the outcome of a decision that they feel they are not valued. When members feel the process was unfair, they become dissatisfied and unmotivated. This will not inspire grassroots people to go out and enthusiastically do the ground work at the local level.

Alabama Democratic members must ask themselves: Does Joe Reed fit the Profile of a Leader in Trouble? If so then someone needs to make the move to remove him from his position:

  • Has a poor understanding of people
  • Lacks imagination
  • Passes the buck
  • Will not take a risk
  • Has no team spirit
  • Fights change
  • Feels secure and satisfied
  • Flies into rages
  • Is insecure and defensive
  • Stays inflexible

*If Alabama Democratic Party leader Joe Reed has any of these5190431084_324f7febeb then consider him and his leadership “in trouble”