Working with a leader like Joe Reed seems like a dead end because he’s a leader that can’t see the future. Reed is too busy looking back at a time long gone. Alabama Democratic party members can’t move forward while looking back, so they need to move on without Joe Reed. He (Reed) has to put his hands on everything that goes on in the party which shows he doesn’t trust his members. If you’re in a leadership position and Reed still feels like he needs to hold your hand then that is a sign that he doesn’t trust you. Who would want to be a part of that type of leadership?

The Alabama Democratic party is not running like a well-oiled machine on solid foundation; it’s disorganized. It’s time to fire Joe Reed who is the cause of this broken down machine. The Alabama Democratic party should be running on a solid foundation of building/growing the party but with Reed at the top its run a muck by his erratic behavior and leadership style. When you have a leader who is vindictive and paranoid your organization will suffer and maybe even be destroyed. Joe Reed is that paranoid vindictive leader of the Democratic party who has caused the split and financial problems of the party.

Alabama Democratic members feel like they’re constantly being ignored by Reed and his inner circle. Does Joe Reed have a true open-door policy for all paying members? Will someone be retaliated against for using it to question him or his inner circle? If Joe Reed and his inner circle are not listening to the members then the members need to ask themselves why are they following him and joined in an organization with him. I’ve talked to and agree with many people who say they should just get out of the Alabama Democratic party and let the dictator have it. If you’re following blindly, there’s a reason, and it usually ain’t good.

Joe Reed never takes the blame for the mess he has created within the Alabama Democratic Party. He blames “white people”  for “voting against their own self-interest” but that’s none of his business when he can’t even turn out a significant number of voters who’s interest is at stake in the party. He’s copying out of his performance and is blind to see that he’s no longer wanted as leader. He puts all the blame on others and almost never takes any responsibility because in his mind he can never be wrong. All dictators/tyrants are the last to realize when it’s over, always.

It’s important that Alabama Democrats realize that just because someone holds a position of leadership, doesn’t mean they should. Not all leaders are created equal because we can see this one has morphed into a abusive, vindictive tyrant of the worst order. Alabama democrats are suffering from a “recognition problem”-they can’t seem to recognize good leaders from bad ones like Joe Reed. Reed has no vision beyond his own draconian sight and that’s why he is failing the democratic party and needs to do the right thing and step down. Leaders without vision can’t inspire teams (voter apathy), motivate performance, or create sustainable value. He has poor vision, tunnel vision, vision that is fickle or may a non-existent vision.

A leader’s job is to align the organization (Alabama Democratic Party) around a clear and achievable vision. This cannot occur when the blind lead the blind! WAKE UP PARTY MEMBERS AND OUST JOE REED!

  • JoAnnCu

    Right now it is impossible to OUST Joe Reed because the people who have the authority to vote him out are in the majority of the SDEC – and are the SAME people that he nominated and/or appointed. They OWE him LOYALTY because he PUT THEM THERE.

    The ONLY way to OUST Joe Reed/Nancy Worley is to CHANGE the PEOPLE who make up the SDEC, to challenge EACH and EVERY seat in the SDEC during the Primary election in 2018. Unfortunately, waiting that long means we MISS the OPPORTUNITY to elect more Democrats to the AL Legislature. THAT will prevent elimination of the GOP supermajority in Montgomery and THAT will prevent Democrats from having ANY SAY in the redistricting that will occur after the 2020 census.

    SO – if you want CHANGE in Montgomery – you CANNOT WAIT for Reed/Worley to show leadership- you won’t find it. Instead – you must JOIN in with your LOCAL groups, and the Statewide groups who are stepping up to do what NEEDS to be done, in SPITE of the inaction of AL Dem Party “leaders”.

    We need to FIND each other NOW, so that we can elect Democrats in 2018
    We need to seek out and prepare candidates for max seats for the 2018 election NOW.
    We must organize and speak out and hold the GOP legislators in Montgomery accountable NOW to protect the PEOPLE.
    We CAN’T WAIT for “someone else” to do it. WE must do it !!
    ………After all — WE the PEOPLE are the Democratic Party.