When it comes down to reuniting and rebuilding the Alabama Democratic Party Joe Reed is the devil in the details. The Alabama Democratic Party leader’s style has created a toxic culture within the party and that’s the last thing anyone especially millennials want to join. With a super-majority in Montgomery, Alabama the stakes are high and very stressful for the party and ordinary citizens feel continued Reed leadership is not productive. With Reed “bully”, “boss” and “leader” are now the same meaning. He or his sorry inner circle hoovers over all operations not to build them up but to keep them in line. If someone gets out of line in their view they privately and publicly shame them into compliance. The bully-boss Joe Reed puts more effort into making people in the democratic party feel devalued than appreciated.

Joe Reed and his inner circle are infected with favoritism towards the butt kissers and boot- lickers. Who are the ones getting special privileges all the time? Does Reed feel proud about the division he has sown in the party? Joe Reed talks a good game but it’s all political garbage when he says the party has to be inclusive and give people a chance who want to do the work. He has no plan for training and development at the grassroots level and it’s like the blind leading the blind-his “favorites” are clueless and members on the grassroots level are left to figure everything out on their own. With Joe Reed there’s no formal training or developmental plan in place and he and his sorry inner circle are hoarders of information. His management style doesn’t tell anyone anything and when they do it’s only because they have to or it’s too late to resolve anything.

Joe Reed is an ineffective leader because he sees his colleagues and members as competitors. He loves seeing the Alabama Democratic Party going head-to-head instead of working side by side like it should be. In this Reed environment members purposely sabotage their peers, retain information or refuse to ask for help so they can come out on top (of each other). Joe Reed and his operatives play hide-and-seek with opportunities to build the grassroots, millennials and people he deems a threat to his leadership philosophy. Members of the Alabama Democratic Party who work at the grassroots level with boots on the ground have to jump through hoops to find out what’s available from the organization funding. Have you been in a Joe Reed meeting? No one hardly talks during his meetings mainly because he refuses to listen to his members and everyone’s scared to really voice their opinions.

Joe Reed will not be able to attract more millennials because they are more tech savvy and creative and Reed and is inner circle offer the type of leadership style that crushes creativity. Millennials know that if they join the Alabama Democratic Party under Joe Reed’s leadership that he (Reed) will through a wet blanket on their ideas and enthusiasm. Reed does this because he thinks he knows more than anybody and he alone knows what’s best for the party. Joe Reed has demonstrated that he doesn’t believe that the members of the Alabama Democratic party has any innovative ideas so he doesn’t even bother to encourage creative thinking.

Joe Reed has created an Alabama Democratic Party that has a toxic organization culture and that has divided the party almost beyond repair. He can’t be proud of himself and should do what’s in the best interest of the party and its reunification which is RESIGN.