Whereas, Don Siegelman was a great servant for decades in the State of Alabama, holding the offices of Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor.

Whereas, Don Siegelman was very well known for attempting to bring an education lottery to Alabama, helping ensure that every student across the state would have access to an affordable college experience if they excelled in the classroom;

Whereas, the lottery could only be approved if the state voted for it via referendum, where Don sought support from Alabamians across the state to fund a campaign solely for the lottery to be approved;

One of the donations Siegelman recieved was from Richard Scrushy, a prominent business owner who also served on Alabama’s Certificate of Need Review Board (where he had previously served under other govenors);

After seeing that Scrushy had made the donation and was appointed to a position he had already thrice held, prosecutors wrongly and successfully attempted to land bribery charges on our governor;

Whereas, Don Siegelman’s case was wrongly heard in front of judges who used to be his political rivals-a happening that surely fostered bias examining and ruling on his case.

Whereas, 113 former State Attorneys Generals, both republican and democrat, have now called for his immediate freedom, as they too have seen the clear wrongdoing in this case;

Whereas, the University of Alabama’s SGA takes care of its own. Don Siegelman was a former SGA President at our institution, and we as a body should rush to his defense in this time of need;

Therefore be it resolved that the University of Alabama’s SGA calls for the freedom of Don Siegelman, and encourages other universities across the state of Alabama to do the same in order to shed light on this terrible injustice;

Copies should be sent to the following: President Elliot Spillers, Executive Vice President Polly Ricketts, VP of Student Affairs Breanden Greenberg, Nancy Worley Alabama Democratic Chair, Dr. Joe L. Reed Alabama Democratic Conference Chair, and the Crimson White for informational purposes;