You must choose wisely when deciding to reproduce and deciding who will reproduce you. You must do your best to really know the person, sometimes a bitter mentality can reveal itself if you know what to look for at the outset. Many black women make their child suffer when the relationship ends. They mold the child in their bitterness, and put them into an emotional tug of war. Black women for a long time have been hustling their wombs SPECIFICALLY for the sole purpose of collecting a child support check. I’m working on a piece of legislation which I’ve named: “Equal Partners in
childsupportConception” that will take out the motivation for this “hustling” behavior. The legislation will give the black man a chance to WILLINGLY give, contribute and add to the life of their child or children, before the mother of his child/children runs down to the overseer to handcuff him with a child support order. Black women havegot to stop being the greatest weapon of a white supremacist system that violates their constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. I will detail these rights violations in a later post. Black women need to wake up and realize the child support system is designed to destroy the Black Family. The system brainwashes the black woman to treat the child as assets and property of the mother with no regard to the father. It’s time to reunite the black man and the black woman because we’ve been estranged for way too long.