Alabama political strongman Joe Reed has disgraced himself as a leader of the Alabama Democratic Party. He and his clueless cohort “know-nothing” Nancy Worley are the the real swamp creatures of the Democratic Party. These two are incapable of putting forth plans to win statewide and all they do is go through the motions of leadership. If you listen to them over the years it’s the same ole tired lines that they regurgitate year after year after year. Together these two swamp monsters have made the Democratic Party a toxic sludge of clicks, elitist, insiders and backbiters! Reed runs the Alabama Democratic Party like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un by stamping down, destroying or scandalizing anyone who will not bow or lick his boots. Many in the party have come to the resolution that the Reed/Worley time has came and gone but what they fail to realize is that despots and dictators are the very last ones to accept it. We need to accept it and take steps to sideline them if they are unwilling to come to their senses and resign.

Alabama democrats need to ask themselves an eye opening question: How are we going fight the Republican super-majority in Montgomery, Alabama when we have leaders who wouldn’t even call out the multiple scandals by the Alabama Republican Party? There was hardly if any comments about the tribulations right there in Joe Reed’s face in Montgomery, Alabama. Reed probably got the call from his bosses (the Republicans) not to speak on the matters at hand. He and his clueless cohort Nancy Worley had no strategy to use that situation to excite, unite and empower the party. The Alabama Democratic Party puts up with Clueless Nancy’s strong arm against her members at meetings but then when it comes to corrupt Alabama Republicans her ass gets a case of “closed lips” and blind eyes. She is absolutely pathetic as a leader and her ideas are old and washed up in this new political world. Nancy Worley is one swamp monster in the Democratic Party we all could do without in a leadership position.

Last but not least is the political swamp monster that is former Alabama Judge Sue Bell Cobb (D) who supports Republicans like Jeff Sessions a man who has spent his lifetime fighting almost every facet of the black agenda of equality, voting rights, etc. Here we see Cobb is like patting Sessions on the back for a job well done when she endorsed him before many top people in his own Republican party did. Look at all the mess Sessions is in and has proposed. Each of the actions of the lunatic racist Sessions is a reflection of the decision making of Cobb. Sue Bell Cobb (D) doesn’t give a damn about the struggles of Alabama’s African American community because if she did she wouldn’t support someone who has caused these struggles. It says a lot about her heart and judgement; maybe both should be questioned. Maybe she wants or needs some of that “dark money” Sessions is said to be a master of in the latest article in “The Justice Integrity Project” by Director Andrew Kreig talking about the scandals of Sessions through the years in Alabama. Democrats should explore “fully” the Cobb/Sessions Connection. What programs (Cobb’s claims as reason for her endorsement) would an old southern Republican support coming from a Democrat? What did Judge Cobb do in return for his support of her programs? Sue Bell Cobb (D) was elected in 2006 to the Federal Bench. What did she really do to help former Alabama Governor Siegelman from her bully pulpit? Did she tow the same closed lip, look the other way line that Reed and his clueless cohort Nancy Worley towed because it seems she did. The Democratic Party needs hold her feet to the fire. The grassroots doesn’t trust Cobb; there’s something about her that smells fake. She has talked the talk for years and years but when it came to walk the walk she folded and endorsed Jeff Sessions. Why would a former democratic judge endorse African Americans public enemy #1 when it comes to civil rights, voting rights, police reform and especially prison reform? Are we to believe she threw away all our struggles/history with Sessions because he supported her programs? If she did this to us then what does that really mean in the long run? The grassroots alarm will continue to ring and people will continue to ask themselves and one another if she and the Democratic elites think we’re all fools? Boycott and stay away from her events and don’t empower supporters of Jeff Sessions. This is one swamp monster that needs to be driven from the swamp via the democratic primary. I’m sure Sessions and the Republican Party would welcome her with open arms.