1. 1975-James A. Healy, first Black Roman Catholic bishop, consecrated in cathedral at Portland, Maine.
  2. 1967-Race riot in Roxbury, MA.
  3. 1951-Kenneth Chenault was born. He would go on to become CEO of American Express.
  4. 1943-Ninety-ninth Pursuit Squadron flew first combat mission, strafing enemy positions on the heavily fortified Italian Island of Pantelleria.
  5. 1899-Black Americans observed day of fasting called by National Afro-American Council to protest lynching and racial massacres.
  6. 1875-James Augustine Healy, the first African American Roman Catholic Bishop was born in Macon, Georgia.
  7. 1868-John Hope was born.
  8. 1854-Fugitive slave Anthony Burns was returned to the South from Boston. It cost the Federal Government $100,000 to return Burns, who was later sold to a group of Bostonians who freed him.
  9. 1834-Fifth National Black Convention met in New York with fifty delegates from eight states.