B4N61M Bob Marley 1978

1981-Joint Center for Political Studies reported that 2991 Blacks held elective offices in 45 states and the District of Columbia, compared with 2621 in April, 1973, and 1185 in 1969. The Center reported 108 Black mayors. Michigan had the largest number of Black elected officials (194), followed by Mississippi (191).

1981-Death of Brailsford Reese Brazeal (760, economist and former dean of Morehouse College, in Atlanta.

1978-Bob Marley had his famous “One Love” concert.

1970-Students protest at Yale University in support of the Black Panthers.

1964-Trinity college student occupied school administration building to protest campus bias.

1964-New York police arrested 294 demonstrators at opening of World Fair.

1950-Death of Charles Hamilton Houston (54), architect of the NAACP legal campaign Washington, D.C.

1922-Charles Mingus, jazz musician was born.

1919-S.H. Love, born in 1893 in Colt, Arkansas, served in Europe during WWI where he always claimed later he had passed on to a buddy the idea for a draw theater curtain, as opposed to one which dropped from the ceiling. He did develop an idea to improve military guns, for which he applied and was granted a patent with No. 1,301,143.

1692-Black Woman convicted of Witchcraft. In Salem, Massachusetts, Mary Black, a slave was convicted of sorcery and jailed after trial.

1596-The first recorded slave revolt occurs in Stono, S.C.bob_marley13