1. 1966-Race Riot in Michigan. Race riot, Benton Harbor, Michigan, National Guard mobilized.
  2. 1966-Constance Baker Motley. Constance Baker Motley confirmed as U.S. District Judge and became the first Black woman on the federal bench.
  3. 1956-White mob prevented enrollment of students. White mob prevented enrollment of students at Mansfield High School, Mansfield, Texas.
  4. 1931-Carrie Saxton Perry. Carrie Saxton Perry was born this day in Hartford, Connecticut. Perry was elected mayor of Hartford, Connecticut in 1987.
  5. 1901-Second Executive Director of the NAACP, Roy Wilkins was born.
  6. 1881-W.S. Campbell patents improved animal trap
  7. 1843-Blacks participated in a national political. Blacks participated in a national political convention for the first time at Liberty party convention in Buffalo. Samuel R. Ward led the convention in prayer; Henry Highland Garnet was a member of the nominating committee; and Charles R. Ray was one of the convention secretaries.
  8. 1838-The first African American magazine, Mirror of Freedom, begins publication in New York City.
  9. 1800-Storm forced suspension of attack on Richmond, Va. Storm forced to suspension of attack on Richmond, Va., by Gabriel Prosser and some one thousand slaves. Conspiracy was betrayed by two slaves. Prosser and fifteen of his followers were hanged on October 7.