1. 1997- Desi Giles, a black man, receives death threats after portraying Jesus in the annual Passion play in Union City, N.J.
  2. 1985- The Mary McLeod Bethune Commemorative Stamp is issued by the U.S. Postal Service as the eighth stamp in its Black Heritage USA series.
  3. 1981- U.S. government granted Atlanta some $1 million to fin11805084-USA-CIRCA-2000-stamp-printed-in-USA-shows-Mary-McLeod-Bethune-African-American-educator-and-civil-ri-Stock-Photoance mental health and social programs in the wake of a mysterious series of abductions and slayings involving at least twenty two black youth.
  4. 1939-Playwright Charles Fuller was born in Philadelphia March 5, 1939. Fuller co-founded the Afro-American Arts Theater in Philadelphia, his hometown, in 196
    7. The perfect Party (1969) was the first of  Fuller’s plays to receive
    critical acclaim. Zooman and the Sign won an Obie Award in 1980. A Soldier’s Play, about a murder on a Louisiana military base, won the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It was adopted into a film, A Soldier’s Story, in 1984.
  5. 1920-Leontine T.C. Kelly, the first African-American woman to become a bishop within the Methodist denomination.
  6. 1897-American Negro Academy founded.
  7. 1845- President John Tyler signed the joint resolution of Congress to admit Texas as a slave state.
  8. 1770-On this day, Crispus Attucks, an escaped slave became the first man killed in the cause of America’s freedom. This event is better known as the “Boston Massacre”