The 3rd largest country in the world!
Population: 1 Billion plus

The place where relationships are perfect.
but friends aren’t really your friends

Where liars believe their own lies
because it’s all about showing off how your living a great life.

Nobody is aware of your existence until you challenge the moral majority,
which is neither moral nor the majority.

Where being politically correct is valued more than being right.
And being straight has been twisted in to being warped.
And being crooked is the new straight.

Where your enemies are the ones who visit your profile the most
and those who know the least about you have the most to say.

Your friends unfriend you
Your family blocks you

Hours are wasted reading massive amounts of valueless information

and even though you are just writing what you are thinking
there is always someone that takes it the wrong way.

Citizenship is free
but you pay dearly for it.