1982233_889781057713472_8629584437486377415_n“If she would free him he could save her, all she has to do is reach with the other hand, both of their lives depend on her but she is reaching for his hand instead of handing him the key to break his bondage.


No prison, no law, no racism, no injustice, no discrimination, no physical torture hurts or does more damage to us than the tongue, attitude and mindset of our women. We are beat down emotionally and mentally more than any other race. Asian, Latin, Anglo, Indian, etc…None of those races handle their men like our women handle us and in most cases those men treat their women worse than we treat ours.

Our women have become louder, more aggressive, disrespectful and more violent to the point our young boys desire to be like mommy. Present, daddy is chained by what “mommy” will LET him do while chained by her titles for him, anger, resentment, unwillingness to forgive, his past/her current pain…

She has external reinforcement…child support, law enforcement, pressure to provide beyond his means…so he remains, stagnate/static/stoic to the point he puts stock in the stereotype that he is nothing, so he does nothing, she reaches with hope instead of reaching with everything, he can’t even see that she has the key/solution he only sees her, knows he needs her but doesn’t even know why, yet he continues to reach.

No communication, silent death and we shall be the death of each other while reaching…

What do you see?”